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I had the distinct pleasure of interviewing Chris Pearson this week. Chris is the author and genius behind the Thesis theme for has a long history (long in WordPress years) of innovating and pushing the boundaries of WordPress themes. In fact, childhood is a great time to rack Chris pearson thesis up lifetime happiness and be able to purchase rewards very very early in life. My friends say that I am a very funny and an interesting girl with a good sense of humor. You select one trait, but it is going to remain active until the death. The price depends on the complexity. Syn-thesis 1 and Chris Pearson. Posted by Matt July 14, July 21, Comments on Syn-thesis 1 and Chris Pearson. I ended up in an impromptu conversation with Chris Pearson and Andrew Warner earlier today regarding the issue of Thesis violating WordPress’ license.

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Ultimately the legal, community, and pure business arguments fell on deaf ears, so no minds were changed but yours might be after listening to it. I think everyone who takes the time to listen to the conversation will reach the same conclusion, chris pearson thesis. Ditto that.

Sue him. I, for one, would love to see how it turns out and then maybe this horse could finally stay dead.

Chris Pearson is so rude. I squirmed when I saw the tweets between the two of you and squirmed even more when I heard about the podcast, chris pearson thesis. It seems the interview went pretty well for you though as Chris came across spectacularly badly IMO.

Do you mind Chris can make money out of what he developed on top of your platform? You both are doing a great job but you must be aware that, for me, Thesis is one of the reasons why I stick with WordPress, chris pearson thesis. You should take this into account.

These businesses and others are making many tens of millions of dollars and employing hundreds of people. In the interview we even talk about how Thesis would make more money if they were GPL, hence would be able to invest more into better features for you, chris pearson thesis, the user, chris pearson thesis. I counted 6 on a chris pearson thesis page. You mean to say that if there was no Thesis you would move away from WordPress?

Cmon stop lying, WordPress is the main coffee and thesis is just some kind of vapour over it. Just because you have purchased a copy of Thesis does not mean you are with WordPress only because of that.

Why not move to paid CMS like Six Apart and ask the egoist thesis developer chris pearson thesis develop the same for sixapart and move away from WordPress? This kind of counter-marketing, from the very WP creator, sounds much pettier than suing to me.

Do you honestly believe his actions are violating your rights as a GPL adopter? Leave him alone and stop campaigning against his business. I think you did a great job Matt. It was a study in restrained intelligence winning over aggressive bloviating. I respect Chris for his conviction but you convinced me that there is no reason he should allow that personal belief to chris pearson thesis the community license.

I hope and believe there will be a positive outcome. And how lucky are you that you can still change things either your compliance or the platform you develop for without getting stuck in the mire of being held accountable for your infractions so far?

He started doing wordpress stuff in ? As I understand it, Brian Gardner is the one who actually encouraged Chris via email to get into the premium theme market. Semiologic was around maybe 2 years before Revolution. Thanks for the link, seen a lot about it on twitter, but wanted to see the video myself. Thanks a lot for the link! You have my greatest respect for acting and speaking in this discussion as you did, Matt.

It would have been easy to admit to this failure, switch to GPL, and nobody in the community would have been angry. Unfortunately, Chris comes on sounding like an a-hole, chris pearson thesis who thinks within the letter rather than the spirit of the licence. I suspect a popular vote based on tweets and blogs might reveal what the user and GPL community feel about it. While I agree that it is good for the community and more importantly to Chris just good business to be GPL in this case, he seems to value holding his position above his own self-interest.

Nice work on staying calm. Yes, it has. No one has taken it to this point, and the fledgling professional theme sites are all GPL and have sane terms of use. Check out some of the links people have posted, chris pearson thesis. The vast majority of the premium developer community is already GPL and doing fine. I only became WP user recently and till today I had no idea that there are companies producing themes that are not in commpliance with the GPL. I have searched for premium theme — and Chris pearson thesis have been an option — because of the big names backing it up.

I believe that it is important for new WP users to be aware of licence issue of Thesis. You showed a great deal chris pearson thesis respect in the interview and I hope you take an action that you feel comfortable with. BR, Irma. Not only Thesis there are hundreds of similar themes. And for your information if you check out most of those big names which are backing up WordPress, their final blog designs are not any special and you can chris pearson thesis better lighter themes with more functions just a Google search away, chris pearson thesis.

Some of us wish you would sue him — not only because it would lead to some facsimile of a resolution facsimile, in that it addresses just Chris and not necessarily every other alleged chris pearson thesis but also because it would prove you have the will to back up your own rhetoric on the issue. Matt, the GPL issue is very important, however, how Chris Pearson has not dealt with the recent malware issue is even more revealing and should give Thesis users even more to think about:.

Sadly, chris pearson thesis, chris pearson thesis you actually should sue him, chris pearson thesis. I am not an attorney, but it seems obvious to me that a theme that merely works with a content publishing platform without incorporating its source code is neither a derivative work nor violating the copyright of the content publishing platform.

Is the Thesis framework incorporating WordPress code? If not, is it somehow otherwise violating the GPL? If so, chris pearson thesis, what part of the GPL? This however seems a little scary and different to all of the previous Thesis-GPL discussions. I hope no-one sues. That would be too much. Both Thesis and Chris are getting a battering right now on twitter and in the blogosphere, that should be enough of a penalty. Personal attacks never lead to anything good so I hope this dies down pretty soon.

The bottom line is he chose to develop the theme for WordPress, and by doing so he accepted the license. So basically, if some people where to buy the product and then re-release it under GPL and for free — would he then sue them? Can arguments be based on Ego? And the worst thing, he is getting paid for this. I thought you conducted yourself extremely well Matt considering the parties involved. Well done. I love you all, mostly because I don understand all the licensing issues, chris pearson thesis.

I am concerned though. If this gets bad, and got forbid wp and thesis breaks up, what will have to my wp site that uses the thesis theme. I tried a few in the past, but I have to say Thesis is very well done. My question is: does this discussion really matter for final users and bloggers?

The GPL, on the other hand, cannot become more restrictive. Take WordPress. We can never introduce new licensing terms or removing existing ones.

I myself have purchased multiple copies like WooThemes, theme-junkie, nattywp, ThemeForest. Because the other ones have professional looking ready to install themes while the later needs you to customize and get a boring design.

In my opinion you articulated the issues extremely well with superb integrity and politeness. Well done Matt! On this one point Chris was right: Matt is in an extremely powerful and responsible position, and he has incredible influence because of that. I agree with you Matt Hill on a couple issues.

Matt has shown a bit of immaturity regarding that issue. Matt, I hope you will consider all the WordPress and Thesis users and the impact us before you make any decisions. I respect both of you and value what each of you offer to the WP community, chris pearson thesis. I would love to see you and Pearson work something out that is for the good of all. To ignore him would be unfair to the dozens of other premium theme vendors who do the right thing, and disrespectful to the thousands of people who have chosen to make their contributions under a license, the GPL, chris pearson thesis, that prevents exactly this type of violation.

As a user, you should demand better, and you deserve better. This is the kind of argument a non-technical user will never understand. Not theoretical, this happened last night. I have no problem paying for a tool that will make my job easier. Less will be spent if you two sat down and conversed about it. Is Chris hurting you? He is hurting the community by undermining our license and encouraging others to do the same.

Some quotes:. Nothing is going to convince me to do something that I think is a bad idea, chris pearson thesis. From a systemic standpoint, on a systemic level, I disagree with the way that the GPL perpetuates economies. By seeing how systems work and what consequences are when you introduce inorganic things into those systems.

When you introduce inefficiencies like the GPL on natural things. Chris was unreasonable and quite frankly he was rude in cutting you off all the time. Anyone listening to that conversation will come to the conclusion that Chris is a reactionary not worth listening chris pearson thesis — he probably harmed his own position more than anything you could have said despite your good arguments.


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In fact, childhood is a great time to rack Chris pearson thesis up lifetime happiness and be able to purchase rewards very very early in life. My friends say that I am a very funny and an interesting girl with a good sense of humor. You select one trait, but it is going to remain active until the death. The price depends on the complexity. Keep in mind — and Chris Pearson reiterated this to me many times — it is an application for a patent, not a published patent. A patent on Thesis 2, or all web templates? The main patent is titled, Systems, Servers, and Methods for Managing Websites. Chris Pearson . Chris Pearson is the most influential man in the history of WordPress Themes, and he’s still at it today with Thesis—the ONLY design and template management system for WordPress!